Sarri is a 25 years old architect, artist, art curator, and cultural activist based in Benghazi, Libya, and the founder of TAJARROD Architecture and Art Foundation. He holds a bachelor degree in architecture and has been practicing professionally as a theoretical architect and art curator since 2018. Additionally, Sarri has a self-educational background in philosophy, history, and the social sciences, which influenced his work approach.

Sarri’s work is centered on an interdisciplinary synthesis between architecture, art, sociology, anthropology, and politics dedicated to generating a critical understanding of the world, as well as to exploring contemporary socio-cultural issues, identities and ideologies, and their impact on architecture and cities particularly in the Libya context. With a critical and experimental approach he articulates his ideas in various mediums, such as: research, theoretical architectural and written projects, exhibition curation, and collage art. He has also published theoretical projects and essays online, and participated in several art exhibitions locally and abroad.

In 2019 Sarri founded TAJARROD Architecture an Art Foundation, as a reformist architecture and art movement to reconstruct post-war Libya not only as a physical environment, but as a socio-cultural being. Since architecture and the cultural sector in Libya suffer from disciplinary isolation, he aims to create interdisciplinary creative practices, and engage them as cultural activist projects, liberated from the traditional office and commercial work towards a public socially responsible agency. As the director of TAJARROD Sarri organized and coordinated two architecture and art projects: Tahafut-Incoherence exhibition, and recently Counter-Territories International Virtual Workshop, Competition, and exhibition.